Using the best equipment allow us to perform a number of ECU repair jobs that weren’t possible not long ago.
The ECU repair section includes a wide variety of services including:
1. Hardware repairs
2. Software checking for corruption updating as necessary
3. Airbag control module crash data repairs due to accidents.
4. Control modules flashing back to Factory NEW state (Virginising) in order to be able to program with main dealer diagnostic tool.
5. Pin code extraction on a numberof makes as: Vauxhall, Peugeot, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda Porsche, Renault, Nissan etc
6. Speed limiter derestriction on Ford and Mercedes vans.
7. ABS control module repairs including CAN bus faults no communications with control module or speed sensors.
8. Cloning of control module
Eg. You have a broken unit that cannot be repaired and you want to have a used module instead but that cannot be programed as it’s not virgin. We can clone immobiliser data from one unit to another.
9. Software updates using dedicated main dealer diagnostic tool with online connection and downloading latest calibration files into your car.




If unable to test or repair no fee will be charged!